The Importance of Blacktop Sealing

Repaving would cost you several bucks. Seal coating and its importance to blacktop will be discussed further in this article.

It should remembered that blacktop is a costly investment. It should be well-maintained to avoid replacements just like a garden. Several materials combined compose seal coatings and these materials make the sealant tough and elastic. Blacktop sealants are resistant to water water, rays, and other chemicals. Sealants vary. Contracting the application of your sealant may lead you to a company that use low quality sealants.

What is the purpose of maintaining blacktop? What is blacktop made of by the way? Blacktop which is also known as asphalt concrete is a mixture of stones and liquid asphalt.

The liquid asphalt binds the stone aggregate together.

The sun, the rain, gasses, oils, and other substances drys out and damage blacktop. The asphalt binder will eventually surrender to the external natural factors and get damaged. These factors will cause blacktop to crack. Cracks need to be filled and sealed. Filling and sealing must be properly done otherwise blacktop will not make it to the next round.

Figure out first what is wrong with your blacktop. The condition of your blacktop will help you determine the steps to take to have it maintained. One problem you don't want are pot holes. Have you ever heard of pot holes? Pot holes are actually holes in the asphalt. If there are pot holes then repairs would be needed. These holes vary in size. Pot holes are products of alligator cracks that were not maintained. You can also contact Seal Coating Baltimore service for more info!

Cracks on your asphalt may either be called alligator cracks or spiderweb cracks. The cracks needs to be repaired before sealing.

You need to get rid of the sink holes and bird baths by repairing the asphalt.

Before proceeding with the repairs the blacktop must be repaired. Clean the blacktop before you proceed with the process.

Use a stiff bristled broom to remove the dust and the dirt and other foreign objects. Use water to clean it up but make sure it is dry prior to repair. You can also consider using a leaf blower if it works for you.

For alligator and web cracks you will need an alligator asphalt patch, a seal coat sealer and asphalt squeegees.

Bird baths may also make use of alligator patches. Sink holes on the other hand are repaired using a pot hole patch.

However, if you really are not so familiar with all this mentioned patches and materials, then a blacktop patch is available at the market. You might want to contact Asphalt Repair Baltimore for professional help.